Retail registrations of towable RVs totaled 11,677 in September, a 25.6% decline from September 2008, Statistical Surveys Inc. (SSI) has reported.

Sales of travel trailers and fifth-wheels for the month totaled 10,666, a decline of 24.5% compared with the 14,124 sold in September 2008.

By vehicle type, unit sales were as follows, followed by September 2008 sales:

  • 7,510 travel trailers, down 22.6% from 9,707.
  • 3,156 fifth-wheels, off 28.5% from 4,417.
  • 848 folding camping trailers, down 32.3% from 1,252.
  • 163 park models, down 49.2% off 321.

Through the first three quarters of 2009, the industry sold 124,719 towables, compared to 176,152 in 2008, for a 29.2% decline.

By vehicle type, unit sales for the first three quarters of 2009 were as follows, followed by the sales total for first three quarters of 2008:

  • 79,421 travel trailers, down 26.9% from 108,625.
  • 32,126 fifth-wheels, off 33.9% from 48,587.
  • 11,334 folding camping trailers, down 28.6% from 15,885.
  • 1,838 park models, off 39.8% from 3,055.

Thor Industries Inc. remained the market leader with a 29% share of the towable market for September and 28.3% share the first three quarters of the year. Forest River Inc. and Jayco Inc. were second and third, respectively.

By vehicle type, Thor, Forest River and Jayco were one, two and three, respectively, in travel trailer sales; Thor, Forest River and Heartland Recreational Vehicles LLC were one, two and three, respectively, in fifth-wheels; Forest River led in folding camping trailer sales, followed by FTCA Inc. and Jayco; and Thor led in park model sales in September, with Skyline Corp. second and four firms tied for third..

The following states have issues this month, SSI stated: the states of California and Minnesota are experiencing delays in processing. The two -year percentage of change is overstated for the state of South Dakota, this was due to an incomplete report for 2008. The state of Georgia has been cut off due to state issues.