Towable sales slipped during April following two strong months of outperforming last year’s retail market, according to data from Statistical Surveys Inc.
Overall, towable sales declined 5.8% with 25,388 units sold compared to 26,947 in 2004. For the first four months, the sector remained ahead of last year’s totals, up 2.1% to 80,573 retail registrations.
Travel trailer sales continued to pace the sector, remaining relatively flat for April but showing a 6.8% gain year-to-date. Sales of folding camping trailers, which have been impacted for the past few years by the emergence of hybrids and lower-priced travel trailers, declined 23.8% for the month.
The April retail market matched wholesale shipment reports, which showed towable deliveries off slightly in for the month but up 6.4% for the first four months.
Other highlights include:
* April travel trailer retail registrations declined 1.1% to 14,693 units while sales for the first four months improved to 46,286 units compared to 43,350 last year.
* Fifth-wheel sales decreased 5.5% in April to 7,696 units versus 8,146 in 2004, but showed a 2% increase to 25,496 units year-to-date.
* April fold-down registrations dipped to 2,583 units from 3,390 last year and were down 18.7% to 7.272 units for the first four months.
Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Statistical Surveys noted that April numbers were incomplete for the states of Minnesota and South Dakota, and does not contain data from New Hampshire.