On Monday (June 10), the Statesville, N.C., Planning Board scraped together a quorum of five members during a special midday meeting and approved a recommendation to Statesville City Council to increase the flag size limit at the local Gander RV.

The Statesville Record and Landmark reported that council chambers were surprisingly empty of news cameras or outspoken citizens. Only a handful of city staff sat on the benches as five of six board members, one county member and two alternates discussed the history, reasoning and possible amendments to Statesville’s flag ordinance.

The existing ordinance limits flag size to 25-by-40 feet. The flag flying off Interstate 77 in front of Gander RV is 40-by-80 feet, the size of a tennis court. City staff suggested the ordinance be amended to limit flag size to 40-by-80 feet. Gander RV is owned by Camping World Holdings LLC.

These large flags are only allowed in areas zoned for Highway Business or General Business. The property must have at least 100 feet along an interstate.

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