Statistical Surveys Inc. has revised its towable RV retail sales figures for December and all ofr 2003 and issued another revision to its 2003 motorhome sales numbers.
In both cases, the independent market research firm found that certain states included hundreds of units in their January 2004 retail sales totals that should have been included in their December or earlier totals.
Now, Statistical Surveys is reporting that retail sales of travel trailers declined 16.3% in December to 4,848 units sold in all states, except New Hampshire and Hawaii.
Earlier, the firm had reported that travel trailer sales fell 27.2% in December to 4,223 units.
For all of 2003, Statistical Surveys is now reporting travel-trailer sales increased 9.7% to 129,882 units. Earlier, travel-trailer sales figures are revised upward to 8.7% or 128,892 units.
For fifth-wheels, Statiscal Surveys now is reporting that sales declined 8.3% in December to 3,603 units. Earlier, it reported fifth-wheel sales fell by 20.8% to 3,097 units.
For the entire year, the firm now reports fifth-wheel sales increased 13.6% to 68,904 units. Earlier, it reported fifth-wheel sales improved by 12.4% to 68,008 units.
The new figures show that folding-camper sales fell 40% in December to 488 units. Earlier, the figures showed a decline of 48.2% to 421 units.
For all of 2003, folding-camper sales declined 15.3% to 30,920 units, the new numbers show. Earlier, folding-camper sales were listed as having declined 15.7% to 30,767 units.
Class and Class C motorhomes sales figures have not been revised, though Statistical Surveys did find additional retail sales occurring during the third quarter of last year, which resulted in the revisions to its totals for the entire year.
Statistical Surveys reports that sales of Class A’s increased 5.8% in 2003 to 39,672 units. Earlier, it reported Class A sales increased 5.4% to 39,489 units.
Class C sales now are listed as having increased 6.6% in 2003 to 17,155 units. Earlier, the company had reported Class C sales improved by 5.8% to 17,016 units.