A California state court judge now plans to rule on March 17 whether a lawsuit over the quality of Firestone Steeltex tires should become a class action case.
Judge Christopher Sheldon decided to postpone the hearing scheduled for Wednesday (Feb. 25) because he wants Steeltex manufacturer, Bridgestone Americas, to file a shorter motion.
Steeltex tires are standard equipment on 71 types of vehicles including RVs, ambulances and pickups, according to the Associated Press.
The lawsuit was filed by RV owner Robert Littell of Cathedral City, Calif. Littell said five Steeltex tires he used on his RV were made with substandard materials so they “disintegrated.”
Littell, through his attorney, Joseph Lisoni of Pasadena, Calif., wants all Steeltex R4S, R4SII and A/T tires recalled by the federal government and for the owners of vehicles that included SteelTex tires to be reimbursed a total of $1 billion.
Lisoni said “thousands of people throughout the nation” have complaints against Steeltex tires and that, as a result, Littell’s case should be made into a national class-action.
Bridgestone Americas replied that the claims against Steeltex tires are too different to be combined into one class-action.