Dan Marino and Gigi Stetler are an unlikely pairing.

One is a nine-time Pro Bowler, former NFL MVP and one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time while the other has spent more than three decades as CEO of RV Sales of Broward. Their passion for helping others led them to a business opportunity.

The Miami Herald reported that the duo has united to help provide much needed shelter for Bahamians still reeling from Hurricane Dorian’s destruction. Stetler, 58, and Marino, 57, will be sending 10 travel trailers stocked full of supplies to the Bahamas, a feat made possible through their work with recreational vehicles.

“People need housing there,” Marino, a brand ambassador of The RV Advisor. “You get the food, you get the canned goods, all that other stuff but they also need a place to stay, especially the workers and people who are going to help rebuild.”

Self-sufficiency makes these trailers the best possible option added Stetler. “They’re fully equipped, fully self contained and can operate on propane and battery if electricity isn’t available,” she said.

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