Production of the so-called futuristic Stiletto fifth-wheel by Summit Coaches Inc. will begin in a few weeks, according to Darren Kinder, CEO of the Sandy, Utah-based firm.
Kinder, who was interviewed Thursday (June 24) on the Wallstreetreporter.com website, said he had 10 years experience as a boat dealer in Salt Lake City, Utah area, plus experience with a start-up Seattle, Wash.-area boat builder, where he worked in product design, before forming Summit Coaches.
“We bought assets from another company (in March) and we have molds and a prototype and we’re going to start building a very futuristic looking fifth-wheel (the Stiletto), scheduled to start in the next few weeks,” Kinder said in the interview, which is available by logging onto the website.
What makes Summit Coaches’ aerodynamically shaped fifth-wheel unique is it “can be raised or lowered depending on whether you’re towing it or you’re parking it,” Kinder said. “If you’re going down the road, it sits about 18 inches above the ground, and once you get to the place where you want to park, you can lower the unit back to the ground, so you have only a one-foot step to get into the trailer.
“Most RV trailers have four or five large steps to get into the unit,” Kinder said. “But as you know, most of the people who are buying these are, generally, older couples who, maybe, are not as mobile as they used to be. So, this makes it very easy for them to get in and out of the trailer.
“Also, the trailer is 100% fiberglass construction, so it’s like a giant shell that’s virtually indestructible,” he added.
Summit Coaches went public in May in an attempt to raise funds to provide the cash flow needed to begin production. The company’s stock currently trades on the penny stock market at one cent per share. Summit Coaches’ NASDAQ “Pink Sheets” market ticker symbol is: SMCA.
“We have several dealers that are interested in buying the trailers, so that we have orders for them and it shouldn’t be long to get it (production) going,” Kinder said. “It’s going to take a bit of time to get out there and really prove ourselves. Everybody loves our design, loves the look of it, but it will take a while to earn their trust.
“But because it’s such a unique design, and it has so many advantages over a normal trailer, and with all the Baby Boomers getting older, we really have a huge market to go after and there’s a lot of room in it for growth,” he said.