Roadmaster FuseMaster

Four excellent reasons to stop pulling fuses —

•  You’ve spent enough time with your face on the floor mat.

• Adventures in electricity can be, well, electrifying.

• Chiropractors are expensive.

• Engine lubricant is not a fashion accessory.

How about if you never had to spend another minute with your face on the floor mat, gazing up into a black void, hunting for a miniscule piece of plastic playing hide and seek?

You don’t have to.

FuseMaster eliminates the necessity of having to remove a fuse for towing, then having to reinsert it for driving. After it’s installed you simply flip a switch to accomplish the same task.

There are four FuseMasters which, collectively, fit most vehicles which must have fuses removed for towing. Prices for the majority of vehicles range from $75 to $100; the heavy duty FuseMaster is $225.

FuseMaster is available from Roadmaster. To find the FuseMaster that’s right for you, call 800-669-9690 or visit roadmasterinc.com.


Pulling a Honda CR-V fuse is “a real PITA”

“Honda did not give much thought to the location of this fuse. I could not pull it with their fuse puller, ended up using a long             needle nose pliers. To re-install the fuse is a real feat — you can’t

see what you’re doing because your hand blocks your view. The hassle of pulling and re-installing the fuse is a real PITA.”

— Joe Shigouri, West Jordan, Utah