While most people celebrated Easter by going to church and visiting family, some people at the Santa Maria RV Park are still picking up the pieces from this past Monday’s storm. Straight line winds tore through the park late Monday (April 14) night, destroying several RVs and leaving residents injured and homeless.

WLOX TV reported that Rob and Cherie Quinn spent their Easter Sunday rummaging through what they can salvage from their RV. Memories from Monday night are still fresh on his mind.

“After 30 years of marriage, I’ve never lied to you, but I have to tell you the truth – I didn’t believe a word I was saying that night when I said we would be alright. I didn’t think we were going to make it,” said Rob.

It’s been six days since Rob and Cherie Quinn went through what they call the most traumatic experience of their lives.

“In three to five seconds, the camper was lifted up, got airborne, was thrown about five feet and slammed down on the side where the slideouts are,” said Rob.

The Quinns are an adventurous couple, and have even lived on a sail boat. In this new chapter of their lives, they bought an RV and planned to drive it to all 50 states, but they never imagined a situation like this would halt their plan.

“There’s always the threat of lightening and fire, but not a twister, not a tornado. It was just unbelievable, not in a million years,” said Cherie.

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