Storyteller Overland LLC is revolutionizing the road trip and enhancing off grid adventures with the launch of their new MODE 4×4 adventure van series, according to a press release.

Storyteller Overland LLC, a Birmingham, Ala.-based Class B RV and outdoor lifestyle gear manufacturer, officially launched their new MODE 4×4 adventure van series on the floor of the inaugural RVX Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah, in mid-March.

The MODE 4×4 adventure van series represents a passionate labor of love combined with years of focused market research and product development geared towards enhancing the lives and improving the experiences of the daily driver, weekend warrior, and long-range travel enthusiasts in the rapidly growing Class B RV and adventure van market, accoridng to the release.

“At its launch the Storyteller Overland MODE 4×4 already distinguishes itself from other offerings in the Class B RV space by delivering its customers a number of industry-firsts, and patent-pending technologies, that have been intentionally developed to provide an on-road and off-road capable vehicle that is simple, safe, fun, flexible, rugged, and ready to go at all times,” explained the release.

The MODE 4×4 features the capable 9kw LiveFree OTG Energy System, powered by Volta. This automotive-grade lithium ion battery system, developed in partnership with the experts at Volta Power Systems, provides MODE 4×4 owners with clean, safe, sustainable power for added convenience on the road and extended range while traveling off the grid.

“This system completely does away with the need for heavy, noisy, and smelly on-board generators while allowing for such previously unheard of creature comforts as the ability to run the low profile AC through the night without being hooked up to shore power or having to run the engine on high idle,” according to the release.

In addition to the LiveFree OTG power system, a few of the patent pending, industry-firsts included as standard equipment on the MODE 4×4 are: the retractable HALO indoor/outdoor FlexShower and privacy curtain system; the multi-purpose FlexSpace that easily converts from a bench to a conveniently concealed shower drain, storage area or even tailgating cooler; the DreamWeaver foldaway workbench/murphy bed system; and the RV industry’s first fully tested tri-fold seat/bed system with three point safety harnesses, affectionately known as the GrooveLounge seat system.

When asked why the Storyteller Overland team chose to name this game changing adventure van series the MODE 4×4, CEO, Jeffrey C. Hunter commented, “Because to our customers it’s not just a new van. It’s a brand new way of life. It’s not about how cool and capable the vehicle is, it’s about all the life changing experiences and great stories they will be able to go collect along the way while traveling in and enjoying it. We love helping our customers pursue their passions, so we created their “MODE” to go get out there and make it happen.”

For more details, specs, floorplans, and picture galleries head to www.storytelleroverland.com.