LogoMyRVAdvantageMyRVAdvantage reported today (Dec. 15) that both average web traffic and qualified leads generated across all MyRVAdvantage customers is up significantly compared to the same time last year.

 “Dealer website traffic was up at least 10% and as much as 54% for both October and November and qualified leads generated are up 32% for October and 23% for November 2009 over the same months last year,” said Steven Webster, vice president and co-wner of MyRVAdvantage, in a news release. “Our initial data for December shows a slighter lower increase but follows the same trend line.”

Web traffic and qualified leads are tracked through MyRVAdvantage’s Virtual Business Development Center services team on a monthly basis. Over 100 data points across hundreds of dealer websites are captured and used not only to track overall performance trends but to generate industry averages that individual dealer performance can be measured against.

“This data confirms a good deal of the industry optimism we heard at the RVIA show earlier this month,” continued Webster ”Most importantly, dealers are still reporting a 20% average closing ratio on those qualified leads, so we’re feeling confident that these trends represent real buyers rather than consumers simply browsing for information.”

MyRVAdvantage is headquartered in Louisville, Ky. As a virtual business development center, it  creates traffic and converts visitors into qualified leads, attracting new customers, engaging and pre-qualifying them, sending dealers only those ready to buy today. 

For more information contact MyRVAdvantage at [email protected] or visit its website at  www.myrvadvantage.com.