Fueled by a rapid expansion in travel, tourism and recreation over the past decade, as well as a strong manufacturing base, the Elkhart-Goshen metropolitan statistical area has been ranked fourth in the nation by The Walton Foundation’s recently released “Most Dynamic Metropolitans” study.

The Goshen News reported that the new study, released Monday, ranks the economic performance of metropolitan areas.

“As the dominant economic geography of America, metropolitan statistical areas largely determine our success as a nation. These groups of counties with a large central core account for 88.6% of jobs, 89.1% of wages and 90% of Gross Domestic Product,” the study states. “Further, metropolitan statistical areas account for the bulk of innovation such as research and development and patenting activity. Understanding the mechanisms underpinning the growth of top-performing metropolitan areas, and sharing best practices, could assist other communities in boosting their economic fortunes.

“The Most Dynamic Metropolitan Index, ranking 379 metropolitan areas, seeks to provide an objective measure of the economic vibrancy of communities where the lion’s share of Americans work and live.”

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