Fueled by rising sales and innovative new models, RVs have drawn significant media attention throughout the summer.

According to a report in RVIA Today Express, the RV lifestyle and the RV industry have been the subject of several high-profile stories and interviews in major news out­lets around the country. Major stories resulting from the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) work with media included:

• In June, the Motorweek TV show aired a segment about RVs. The segment included an interview with Richard Coon.

• On July 6, USA Today made the continued growth in RV shipments the focus of one of their famous infographics. The graphic showed RV shipments climbing for a recession-low of 165,700 units in 2009 to nearly 350,000 in 2014.

• A July 14 story from Bloomberg.com said that rapid growth in the RV industry was an optimistic sign for the rest of the economy.

• On July 18, USAToday.com posted an online video about the RV industry’s history. The video drew heavily on material developed by RVIA in preparation for the 2010 centennial, and gave viewers a fast overview of today’s RV market.

• On July 22, Jalopnik.com, one of the most heavily read websites for automotive enthusiasts, described a trip to a NASCAR race in a Fleetwood motorhome loan arranged by RVIA.

• On July 30, USA Today reported that when the RV sales improve, it’s a sign of improvement in the overall economy.

• On August 1, CNBC.com reported that RV sales are “picking up speed.” One analyst told the network that an RV is a discretionary purchase, and that if “someone is buying an RV, something must be working.”

• On August 17, MensHealth.com published a story about a writer’s trip to a music festival in a motorhome loan arranged by RVIA and Winnebago.

• On August 21, USA Today published a report on “glam­ping” destinations where consumers can combine an outdoors experience with posh accommodations, gourmet dinners, and luxury RVs.

• On August 22, AARP News published tips on how to get started RVing.

• Throughout August, the heavily read TravelingMom.com published a series of articles about a writer’s cross-country RV trip with her husband.

For more information and a complete list of RV coverage in the media, visit the media room at RVIA.org.