Maybe RV dealerships would be better off remaining open year-round in Yuma, Ariz., instead of moving their inventories to locations with cooler summer weather than the Arizona desert, according to an article by YumaSun.com, a service of The Yuma Sun.
Two year-round dealerships contacted by the newspaper, RV World and RV Peddler, reported higher sales volume this past summer. RV World reported a 5% to 10% increase and RV Peddler posted a 38% increase, The Sun reported.
The increases are a sign that Yuma area dealerships are selling more units to Yuma area residents, rather than relying almost entirely on snowbirds visiting in winter.
Ken Searcy, sales and finance director at RV Peddler, said Yuma’s Baby Boom residents are buying RVs from local dealers now and more outsiders are investing in property in the Yuma area. Those investment property owners tend to stay longer into the hot -weather months, he said.
Meanwhile, Mike Green, owner of RV World, believes the Go RVing national ad campaign has helped his business a lot.
Green added that he feels fortunate to break even in the summer and remains open year-round to provide maintenance and repair service.
“A lot of our competitors that come in during the winter have stores all over California and Arizona and they just come in here in the winter and make a fast buck and then they leave,” Green said. “I’m not knocking the competition, because it’s good for us, but when they leave, those customers that are residents here don’t have anywhere to go for service unless they go out of town.”