Summit Coaches Inc., Sandy, Utah, recently completed the first national marketing tour for its aerodynamically shaped Stiletto fifth-wheel, the company announced.
Taking the coach directly in front of consumers and potential dealers has won an enthusiastic response from California to Georgia, said Darren Kinder, Summit Coaches’ president.
“We are very excited about the reception the Stiletto is receiving from the dealers and the general public,” Kinder said. “In anticipation of its year-end roll-out, we will continue to build on the existing momentum and interest in the Stiletto with additional marketing tours.”
Summit Coaches specializes in manufacturing, marketing and selling upscale and feature-oriented RV trailers that appeal to the more educated customer with a taste for quality, according to the company.
The Stiletto’s distinctive engineering and design sets it apart from other products in the market. It can be lowered to ground level, leaving only a 4-inch step or ramp into the trailer, making it more accessible than traditional trailers that have four or five steps.
Once raised to its 18-inch traveling height, the air system greatly increases the suspension, making for a much smoother ride than traditional trailers.
With the higher cost of fuel, the aerodynamic design appeals to the cost-conscious consumer, Kinder said.
Summit Coaches has the technology, business experience and drive to produce exceptional products and successfully sell to a national market, he added.