Stalwart Design & Development LLC’s new and patented All American Super Suspension for towable RVs is now approved by Lippert Components Inc. for installation on the supplier’s chassis frames.

Earlier this year, the Super Suspension underwent and successfully completed the Navistar Proving Ground’s 1,000-mile simulated lifetime durability test. The test, conducted under the direction of Forest River Inc.’s chief engineer William Conway, used a tandem fifth-wheel with a GVW of 18,000 pounds.

Navistar’s test track contains a variety of pavements, rough surfaces and challenging terrain changes. Prolonged travel over these challenging surfaces is calculated to accelerate mileage accumulation so that in 1,000 miles a lifetime of structural insult can be equaled.

In addition to the durability evaluation, Conway also measured energy transferred into the RV with the placement of five strain gauges strategically mounted to sensitive sections of the trailer’s exterior. These measurements were compared to a baseline set of data generated by an earlier evaluation on an RV of similar size and weight equipped with a conventional suspension.