MORryde-Website-Redesign-HuebnerPetersen[2]Metal fabricator, custom product and chassis builder MORryde International Inc. has launched a new, redesigned website at www.MORryde.com.

“We went through a rebranding process last year. The result was not just a refinement of our logo, but more importantly a tag line that really speaks to what MORryde is all about — unparalleled customer service,” said Jack Enfield, sales and marketing manager for the Elkhart, Ind.-based firm. “A redesign of the website — with a focus on customer service — was the next logical step in the progression of building a consistent message along all our marketing communications efforts.”

MORryde partnered with marketing firm HuebnerPetersen to not only give the site a clean, updated look, but to also build the new website with an easy-to-use custom admin system. This gives internal staff the ability to make changes with very little effort and without having to go back to the development firm for simple updates.

“With innovation and new products being introduced constantly, a site that’s easy to update was important for us. But even more important was the new website’s ability to capture our commitment to customer service and our ability to consistently provide high quality parts for the market. I think it certainly conveys this and we’re looking forward to seeing how this affects site interaction and even traffic,” added Brittany Bolenbaugh, MORryde’s marketing and graphic design coordinator.