Southwire Surge Guard display at NTP-Stag show

Southwire has introduced two new portable Surge Guard units, providing electrical protection for 30- and 50-amp RVs. 

According to a press release, most RV electrical protection systems are designed so when they are plugged in, they analyze the pedestal to ensure there is a proper ground and neutral, no reverse polarity issues, and no immediate high or low voltage issues. Once the analysis is complete and the pedestal checks out, the unit will release power to your RV. While running, the unit continues to protect against surges and high or low voltage issues.

A key feature of the new 34930 and 34950 Surge Guard units is that they reduce that process from 128 seconds to around 10 seconds, providing power quickly to the RV.

Other features include:

• Surge Guard uses quality Zettler controls in each unit.

• All of the cabling and plugs are Southwire designs used in most electrical industries. 

• The new Surge Guard detects open neutral conditions inside of the RV, and protects against elevated ground currents from inside the RV, providing not only line-side protection, but also load-side protection.

• The Surge Guard has the highest level of surge protection compared with any unit on the market with 4,200 joules. 

In addition, Surge Guard increased the receptacle brass thickness to reduce heat. Over time, the brass receivers in the inlet can get loose, and a thicker brass receptacle on the Surge Guard will help maintain connection in those situations.

Surge Guard also added a locking ring to secure the unit to the pedestal, so RVers can easily run a cable lock through it and around the pedestal. The units offer a lifetime warranty and connected equipment coverage. 

For more information visit TechnoRV.