An RV dealer or manufacturer without a strong presence on the Internet is probably jeopardizing sales according to a June survey by RVtravel.com.

Of the nearly 1,400 RVers who responded, approximately 68% said that researching an RV and finding it on the Internet was important or very important in their buying process while only 21% reported they did not use the Internet at all when purchasing their current recreational vehicle.

“Our readership is an Internet savvy group,” said RVtravel.com editor Chuck Woodbury in a press release. “So it’s no surprise they would be inclined to use the Web to research a purchase more than others. Still, the fact that nearly 70% of them relied on the web to at least some degree is highly significant. I’m sure the percentage will grow in the years ahead. Any RV dealer or manufacturer who does not have a strong web presence is probably losing sales.”

RVtravel.com has published a weekly survey of its more than 240,000 monthly readers for nine years. The surveys can be viewed at http://rvtravel.com/rvtravel/results.aspx.