tacobuttonMost RV enthusiasts in Texas plan to camp at least as much this summer as they did last summer, and nearly half of them plan to camp even more often,  according to the latest online survey by the Texas Association of Campground Owners (TACO). 

The survey, conducted from early June, found that 45.9% of RV enthusiasts planned to go camping even more often than last summer, while 39.9% planned to camp as much as they did last summer. Only 14.2% said they planned to camp less often than last summer. 

“We knew the numbers would be good, but these statistics are even better than we anticipated,” said Brian Schaeffer, TACO executive director and CEO, adding that camping remains the most affordable vacation option for consumers. 

Rising fuel costs and the economic downturn have had an impact on people’s travel plans, however. Nearly 55% of survey respondents said they were taking shorter trips and staying at campgrounds for longer periods of time to reduce their travel costs, while 45.2% said they hadn’t scaled back their travel plans at all. 

Looking at Texas RVers in general, 53.8% said they planned to do their camping in the Lone Star State, while 35.3% planned to visit surrounding states and 10.9% planned to take cross-country trips. Parks in Texas are reporting that as much as 70% of their business is in-state campers. 

In terms of equipment, nearly half of the survey respondents (45.2%) said they camp in a travel trailer or fifth-wheel, while 24.4% use a tent, 22.4% use a motorhome and 7.9% travel with a folding camping trailer. Just over 3% of survey respondents said they planned to rent an RV this summer, while 14.5% planned to rent a cabin or park model. 

Most RVers also said they traveled with friends and family: 

  • 37.3% with their children. 
  • 14.2% with grandchildren. 
  • 12.5% with extended family. 
  • 14.2% with friends.

Just over one-fifth of RVers (21.8%) said they traveled only with their spouse.

The survey, conducted through www.texascampgrounds.com, generated 913 responses, Schaeffer said. TACO markets more than 400 private campgrounds and RV resorts through TexasCampgrounds.com, which shows up No. 1 in Google searches as people search for ‘campgrounds in Texas’. 

For campground sources, statistics and other information about camping trends in Texas, please contact Brian Schaeffer at (817) 307-0129 or visit www.TexasCampgrounds.com.