SylvanSport CEO Thomas Dempsey is continuing his advocacy efforts to support the importance of outdoor recreation for the overall vitality of our country and industry. According to a press release, Dempsey worked closely with state officials, other North Carolina outdoor industry members and the North Carolina Outdoor Recreation Industry Office to host delegates from all 11 states with Outdoor Recreation Industry (OIA) offices last week in Asheville. 
One of the highlights at the three-day Outdoor Industry Confluence was an hour-long discussion with North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper and Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper moderated by Dempsey. The wide-ranging conversation allowed confluence delegates to hear the two governors’ views on the outdoor experiences that helped shape their current positive outlook on the outdoor recreation economy. 
The confluence brought together outdoor industry, natural resources and economic development leaders from North Carolina, Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, Washington and Wyoming to collaborate on a vision for supporting and growing the industry. The accord finalized during these sessions established a set of principles across four areas: economic development, public health and wellness, conservation and stewardship, and education and workforce development.
“We’re humbled to be part of this growing national movement that recognizes the value of outdoor recreation and its sizable impact on the economy and the importance of public lands to its future,” said Dempsey at the Outdoor Industry Confluence.
SylvanSport will continue to accelerate its growth in the outdoor industry economy from its new home in the Sylvan Valley Industrial Center, a $4.9 million project in collaboration with the Transylvania Economic Alliance. Ground was broken late last year on this 60,750-square-foot industrial center where production and the SylvansSport workforce will double when it opens later this year.
“The driving force behind our innovative GO Adventure Camper, as well as our new camper and gear in development, is to make outdoor adventure accessible,” stated Dempsey.