SylvanSport logoSylvanSport will be showcasing its GO camping trailer during next week’s Elkhart County RV Open House, one of the industry’s two key national wholesale RV-buying trade venues. 

“This year has been incredible for SylvanSport and the growth of new dealers in the RV industry has been staggering,” said Vice President of Sales Earl Hunter in a press release. “We’re averaging two to four new dealers a month. When I look at our map, I see only a few territories that still need to be covered and we expect to fill some of those holes at Elkhart.”

Hunter continued, “What I love to see with our dealers isn’t the initial order, but reorders. That means our dealers are selling through and already have units sold, even before the next shipment arrives. It’s part of our dealer strategy to help promote and support each and every one of our dealers, not just with product, but through marketing as well. It’s not just a drop-off and good luck – we want to help get people to their doors.”

Charlie Wolf, sales manager at Beckleys Camping Center in Thurmont, Md., noted, “SylvanSport has created a truly unique product, which fills a lot of different needs. They have been a great company to work with. They’ve always provided outstanding support and help from the factory.”