The new SylvanSport VAST trailer, which looks like a run-of-the-mill camper, is actually a futuristic take on the traditional camper. Voted the number one RV for Outdoor Adventure at this year’s inaugural RVX show, the Vast is a Transformers-inspired trailer that features endless amenities. 

Hotcars reported that the most impressive feature is the kitchen, located inside the trailer, which slides down and out so travelers can cook outdoors once they find a camping spot. The kitchen includes a bamboo prep area, a two-burner gas stove, a portable refrigerator and freezer, and a sink. Once the kitchen is extended, it also creates a shower area in the bathroom, which includes a convenient on-demand water heater for extra convenience, and a foldaway sink. 

On the inside, a sliding L-shaped sofa on a track when pulled forward becomes a garage area, which can be accessed by opening the rear hatch. If the garage is empty, the couch can slide back to enlarge the living area in the trailer. The area also includes a folding table that can be extended to allow more dining space. For sleeping, the backrest folds down and converts into a queen-sized bed. There is also a roof-mounted sleeping area on a motorized lift. 

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