Although members of the Texas Association of Campground Owners (TACO) held their fall meeting in October, the start of the next school year already was on their minds.
About 75 people representing 40 campgrounds met Oct. 28 at the 270-site Braunig Lake RV Resort in San Diego.
Among the topics of interest during the meeting was a law approved by a special session of the Texas General Assembly that prohibits school districts from beginning the school year before the last Monday in August.
“There are no waivers, but we suspect that some districts are going to come in to the General Assembly and try to water down the law,” said Brian Schaeffer, TACO executive director and CEO.
The issue is important to TACO members and campground owners around the country because when the school year starts before Labor Day families tend to pack it in for the summer season and business falls off prematurely. For this reason, and for the drain it creates on seasonal employees, tourism-related businesses in a number of states have sought laws to require school districts to set opening dates after Labor Day, although few have succeeded.
Schaeffer said the association also will work on a new trespass bill during the 2007 legislative session that would make it easier for local law enforcement officials to remove people from campgrounds who don’t belong there or who have violated certain rules.
The association, meanwhile, rolled out a free reservation request system for its website (texascampgrounds.com) during the meeting.