Catuity Inc., a loyalty and gift card processor, has signed an exclusive three-year agreement to power the Texas RV Rewards LLC program for the Texas Association of Campground Owners (TACO).
The card-based program is to be launched in May for TACO’s 430-members to replace popular paper-based discount programs. The Premium Loyalty Program is designed to improve customer acquisition and to give recreational vehicle travelers the opportunity to earn extended stays and other valuable perks.
Dallas-based Texas RV Rewards LLC will operate a points-based loyalty program focused on increasing the daily and weekly stays for campground owners, and delivering ongoing benefits for consumers every time they swipe their loyalty cards at the point-of-sale. The flexible point-spending program will replace paper-based discount programs and provide a competitive alternative to other hospitality industries targeting road travelers.
“We believe this gives association members a better program to reach the nation’s 29 million RV enthusiasts. This provides a significant edge over hotels and their offerings,” said Brian Schaeffer, president and co-founder of Texas RV Rewards. “While we are launching this in Texas, we believe our success will enable us to offer this program nationally to all 14,000 campground owners across North America.”
Schaeffer plans to target the growth of the program beyond Texas to campground owners in the Sunbelt, Great Lakes and Northeast regions of the country, with deployment of the program to at least 100 locations during the first year.