Amber Kosar leads intern program at the Elkhart Area Career Center 

TaigMarks Inc., an Elkhart advertising and public relations agency, was recently presented with the Business and Education Partnership Award from the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce.

According to a release, Vice President and Director of Creative Engagement Rob Hartzler said TaigMarks was actively involved with Elkhart Community Schools when he started working at the agency 15 years ago, and he was “happy to continue the partnership.”

“The time spent with interns is well worth it. Twice a year the graphic design class at the Elkhart Area Career Center (EACC) tours as a group here,” said Hartzler. “It’s a great idea for them to see what a real agency is like. We believe in the Career Center and think it’s great. We want to support them and be a good steward in the community.” 

As interns students learn best working practices and proper file preparation. Since TaigMarks is a full-service agency, students are able to experience how to execute logo design, photo retouching, layout and how to prepare images for web and video.

Amber Kosar is in charge of the program at EACC. She has also used the internship program as a learning tool.

“I did an internship this summer so I could learn more of the real-world applications that I could take back to my classroom,” said Kosar.

Not all interns come from the EACC. Students have also come to TaigMarks through Central and Concord high schools as well as the JAG program with Workforce Development and the Young Entrepreneurs Academy.

Nominator David Bird of Elkhart Community schools writes, “TaigMarks has a strong commitment to education and a legacy of working with schools and educators.”

Hartzler explained, “We really believe in what’s going on in the Elkhart Schools and are behind it. It’s always been important to us as a corporate mantra and also personally important.”

If interested in learning more about internship opportunities, please contact Rob Hartzler at [email protected]