Workhorse Custom Chassis Chairman and CEO Andrew Taitz feels the TradeRoute and EMPART software programs developed by ARI Network Services Inc. have become the e-commerce “de facto standard for the RV industry,” according to ARI.

Workhorse, a supplier of gas engine chassis to Class A motorhome manufacturers, recently licensed 251 more copies of EMPARTviewer, ARI’s electronic catalog viewing software, for use by Workhorse dealers/service centers.

Last February, Workhorse, licensed TradeRoute, ARI’s dealer communications software, for use by all of its dealers. But it licensed only a limited number of copies of EMPARTviewer at that time.

Workhorse also licensed EMPARTpublisher, ARI’s electronic catalog creation software, early last year.

The chassis supplier decided to license the additional copies of EMPARTviewer in order “to provide our dealers with a total solution for their ordering and parts lookup needs,” Taitz said.

Using the ARI programs simplified the transition process to allow GMC Truck and Chevrolet dealers, who were authorized to service General Motors chassis, to now service Workhorse chassis, said Charles Christy, national service manager for Workhorse.

“We were able to get the GMC dealers situated to handle the Class A chassis under the Workhorse brand without any meaningful problems, since the ARI software can be integrated with dealers’ internal business systems,”
Christy said.

“There are definite benefits for us, as a supplier to the RV industry to have our dealers use TradeRoute and EMPART, as it allows our dealers to use the same software they use to communicate with the RV manufacturers,” Taitz said. “The ARI solution is fast becoming a de facto standard for the RV industry.”