Will the North American recreational vehicle industry extend its sensational year-end run and generate more record-breaking financial returns in 2018? While the bulk of the industry tends to think that’s more than likely, the jury, of course, is still out on all that speculation here in early February.

Is it possible that the RV arena, given its seven-year growth streak and recent surge in incoming new buyers, is on the brink of a new era in which it is more insulated from the deeper cyclical swings of the past? Some industry observers think that may be the case. Others are just as convinced that nothing has really changed in the big picture despite the fact that the RV sector last year broke the mythical 500,000-unit shipment threshold.

These, frankly, are the kinds of questions that prompted RVBUSINESS.com and its survey partner, Wells Fargo CDF’s RV Group, to again combine forces in an annual RVB/Wells Fargo All-Industry Online Survey, results of which should be available by early next week.

Please consider pausing long enough to respond to this quick survey, which can be accessed by clicking here or on the Wells Fargo button on this page.