Candice and Jared Sund, owners of Stablecamper, with daughter, Taylor

Editor’s Note: The following Q&A with the founders of Stablecamper, providers of truck camper gear and accessories, appears in the latest issue of Truck Camper Magazine.

It’s amazing how few products and accessories speak directly to the truck camper marketplace.  Walking through a RV store, there are entire departments, aisles, and end caps devoted to the needs of fifth-wheel, travel trailer, and motorhome owners – but products specifically for truck campers? Not so much.

By conservative estimates, there are over 100,000 active truck camper owners in the United States and Canada. That’s a considerable market size. So why aren’t there more truck camper products and accessories?

Meet husband and wife team Jared and Candice Sund. Jared is a life-long machinist with a broad background in mechanical engineering, mechanical design, computer science, and software development. Candice is a civil engineer with extensive experience as a project manager for major commercial projects.

Although Jared and Candice were both highly successful in their demanding careers, deep down they always wanted to do their own thing.  Add the fact that the Sunds also happen to be extremely passionate truck camper owners and you begin to see how this story is about to get very interesting.

Stablecamper launches their first product; an innovative aircraft-grade aluminum camper stabilizer.  A second truck camper product is already in the works.

TCM: It just happens that you’re both passionate truck campers. How did you get into truck camping?

Jared: We were at a neighbor’s house twenty years ago and he had an old Six-Pac truck camper in his backyard. He said, “A buddy left it here and I wouldn’t mind seeing it go”. We wound up getting the camper for three cases of Coors Light. We cleaned it up, rebuilt it, and enjoyed that camper for many years.

As we raised our daughter, Taylor, we went truck camping to national parks throughout the United States and Canada. It was a great way to take a two week family vacation without spending a lot of money.

When Taylor was in high school, she wanted stay at resorts and travel abroad. We did that for a few years, but Candice and I really missed camping. The day before Taylor went to college, we picked up a new Arctic Fox 992. This is our fourth truck camper.

In the last three years we have put thousands of miles on our Arctic Fox rig. We have spent at least 200 nights in our camper traveling across the United States and as far as Nova Scotia. We love truck camping.

TCM: When did the idea for the Stablecamper product first happen?

Jared: We have always built stuff. When we got the 992, we put modular shelving in the wardrobe next to the kitchen. Then, I built a better sewage hose holder and installed a backup camera. We are always building something we need.

One day I was in the dinette while Candice was making breakfast. As she walked around the unloaded camper, I could feel the camper moving and hear the jack points creaking. I thought there must be a product that would solve that issue.

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