KVH Industries Inc., manufacturer of the TracVision and TracNet systems, announced today (May 8) that it has authorized Tech Electronic Services as the distributor of TracVision and TracNet to the Canadian RV aftermarket.
The agreement calls for Tech Electronic Services to market the TracVision in-motion satellite TV system and TracNet mobile high-speed Internet system to RV dealerships and aftermarket retailers throughout Canada.
“There is growing demand among Canadian consumers for mobile satellite entertainment and we look forward to our continued collaboration with KVH to bring this award-winning technology to retailers and consumers nationwide,” said Armand Lalonde, Tech Electronic Services’ national sales manager.
KVH’s TracVision systems are fully automatic domed antennas that deliver satellite TV and audio to RVs via the ExpressVu service in Canada as well as the U.S.-based DIRECTV and Dish Network services.
TracVision L3 and S3 antennas are fully compatible with the new KVH TracNet mobile high-speed Internet system, according to KVH.