TengoInternet reached an agreement on Wednesday (Dec. 3) with Encore Communities to provide wireless Internet service to Encore’s 31 SuperParks and RV Resorts and Sunburst RV Parks in Florida, California, Texas and Arizona.
Tengo has already deployed its service in 13 Encore locations and the system-wide installation and service contract with Encore makes Tengo one of the largest providers of Wi-Fi services to the RV industry.
Currently, Tengo has installations planned or completed at more than 80 RV parks coast to coast, according to the Austin, Tex.-based company.
“We are excited that our RV communities are among the first in the industry to offer wireless Internet service,” according to Encore President Colleen Edwards. “Our decision to add this service as an amenity was in response to customer demand and in keeping with our strategy to differentiate ourselves from others within the RV industry.
“Like all consumers, our guests are looking for a faster, more reliable and convenient way to connect to the Internet for communication, information and entertainment purposes,” Edwards added.