“RV Friendly” highway signs will soon be appearing on Texas highways. The Texas Department of Transportation (TDOT) ruled last month that RV Friendly signs be allowed on the “gas-food-lodging” logo highway exit signs of qualified businesses.
In doing so, the TDOT proclaimed that the “Federal Highway Administration has issued interim approval to allow states to utilize the RV Friendly symbol if the state’s program meets minimum guidelines. The department agrees with the comment that these symbols should be allowed for those participating businesses meeting the criteria outlined by the Federal Highway Administration.”
The RV Friendly logo – a bright yellow circle with the letters RV – alerts recreation vehicle motorists of facilities adjacent to highways that cater to the special needs of RVs at specific highway exits. When RV Friendly logos are included on the logos of qualified establishments, motorists know that those businesses will provide parking facilities that accommodate RVs.
Motorists driving or towing RVs can have difficulty identifying and locating restaurants, gas stations and tourist attractions that have parking spaces and other amenities large enough to easily maneuver their vehicles. Without the signage, RV motorists may bypass destinations and businesses where they could have been well accommodated.
“This problem can be alleviated with RV Friendly signage that alerts motorists to establishments catering to the needs of RVers,” said David Humphreys president of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). “When the RV symbol is attached to the highway exit sign logo of qualified facilities, RV motorists can be confident that those businesses will provide an easily accessible destination.
The Texas RV Friendly initiative was led by Texas Recreation Vehicle Association Executive Director Clark McEwen and a group of grassroots citizens. “I was very happy to work with both RVIA and the RV owner clubs on this issue,” said McEwen. “The strength of the RV community comes from our unity. The RV Friendly initiative benefits RV manufacturers, dealers and users, so it was a real pleasure working on this project.
“This was a real coup for the entire RV community because we were able to get it accomplished administratively rather than legislatively. Working with the DOT was much easier than introducing new legislation in a very difficult legislative session.”
Texas is the sixth state to adopt the RV Friendly road sign initiative, joining Oregon, Louisiana, Tennessee, Washington and Florida.