The owners of a Texas RV park will appeal a decision by the city of New Braunfels, denying them a permit to rebuild the park after it was damaged in a flood last November.
According to the Herald-Zeitung, city officials believe the River Road Park isn’t safe, because it lies in the floodplain and has been flooded three times since 2002.
But owner Gary Gustafson of Austin said if he loses his appeal today (Jan. 20), he and his wife would face bankruptcy and that his only recourse was to plead his case with the New Braunfels City Council.
Gustafson and his wife, Kim Brown, bought the property in January 2000, and opened it as an RV park in November of that year.
“It was already zoned for an RV park before we bought the property,” Gustafson said. “And when we talked to the city about putting in an RV park, they said OK. So we bought the property and put a substantial investment into it.”
The 2.6 acre park lies on the banks of the Guadalupe River near Interstate 35 in New Braunfels.
After suffering extensive flood damage in July 2002, Gustafson spent more than $150,000 rebuilding the property. Then, in June 2004, the park flooded again.
“That year was the rainiest year on record,” he said. “And on June 9, we got hit by flash flooding. There was about $40,000 worth of damage.”
In November, the park was again damaged by flooding. “Only one client’s RV got damaged,” Gustafson said, noting the park has not been reopened. “But my RV got totally damaged and washed down the river about 100 yards.”