Officials in Port Arthur, Texas, have eased restrictions on RV parks to allow for development of a new complex to help alleviate housing shortage in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita.
The Beaumont Enterprise reported that the new travel trailer park will provide another housing option for the Sabine Pass community of about 660 people, which was devastated when Rita delivered a 10-foot storm surge.
Mayor Oscar Ortiz clarified terms of the five-year time limit on the eased restrictions the council approved, noting, “I don’t want to turn one section of town into a trailer park.”
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) so far has set up 89 travel trailers in Sabine Pass, with 21 applications pending, according to information from the agency.
Other homeowners have paid for trailers with insurance money or purchased units outright.
“Basically, what you have is a trailer park (in Sabine Pass),” city councilman John Beard Jr. said, adding that as homes are fixed, those trailers will be moved out.
Several homes already have been demolished by private contractors as residents work to clean up the debris.