A lawsuit filed by Richardson, Texas, residents places a hold on an ordinance restricting long-term parking of motorhomes, boats and trailers in neighborhoods, according to the Dallas Morning News.
The ordinance will go into effect Tuesday (Feb. 1) as scheduled. But the city will not issue citations until the suit is resolved, Assistant City Manager David Morgan said.
“We’re very confident that we’ll be successful in defending the ordinance,” he said. Richardson’s ordinance, which was passed in July, requires recreational vehicles parked beside or behind homes to be screened from view from the street.
The city’s action stems from a lawsuit filed Oct. 28 in Dallas County District Court by three Richardson residents. The suit claims the plaintiffs owned their vehicles before the ordinance was enacted and compliance would require them to pay costly storage fees.
“They all bought their recreational vehicles on the basis that they could be parked in front of their houses,” said Dallas attorney Arthur Anderson, who is representing the plaintiffs.
He said that the ordinance should not apply to his clients and that the city had no authority to enact the regulations because they’re intended to enhance aesthetics and do not involve any public welfare issues. The case is tentatively set for trial April 25.
Officials have estimated that there are 1,400 RV owners in the city and that nearly half would have to make changes to comply with the ordinance, including paying for off-site storage.
The Morning News reported that the result of the lawsuit could have implications for surrounding cities.