While local government officials in some communities view new RV parks as an economic development tool, officials in Melissa, Tex., consider an older RV park in the middle of their town an eyesore and they want it removed, according to the Dallas Morning News.
The mayor of Melissa believes the Wildwood RV Campground is standing in the way of economic development in the town, which had a population of 550 in 1990 and now has 1,700 or 3,000 residents, depending on who’s providing the estimate, the newspaper reported.
The Melissa City Council decided five years ago that Wildwood RV violated the town’s zoning ordinance and had to close, but Kathleen Baird, the RV park’s owner, kept it operating.
A trial to resolve the dispute was scheduled to begin today (Nov. 17) but was postponed to give the two sides more time to work out a settlement.
“I understand some rich person may not like trailers, and I wish I had a fence,” Baird said.
Meanwhile, Mayor David Dorman said, “No one is trying to take her land.” Dorman also told the Morning News the government’s goal is “to enforce the zoning ordinance, remove an eyesore and, in time, revive downtown.”