Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Thetford Corp. has introduced two new fittings for its Titan Sewer Hose system that will make it easier to use in more situations. Additions include:

  • A “WYE” adapter that will empty two waste tanks into a single dump port.
  • A “straight” adapter that will lengthen the RV sewer outlet for easier reach.

“As RV sanitation experts, we know that RVers face a wide array of dump stations,” said Senior Product Manager Derry Yourman in a press release. “These new fittings are part of a constant drive to assure that Thetford leads the industry in the products that RVers want and need.”

The new fittings rely on key features found in the original Titan products. The fittings are translucent so that RVers can conveniently see – not guess – when the tank is empty. They also employ high-grade materials, including EPDM seals designed for prolonged hook-up connections.

“Like the entire Titan product line, which they work with, these new fittings are proudly made in the U.S.,” Yourman said. “They provide our retail partners with new sales opportunities when RVers are looking for a sanitation solutions.”