Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Thetford Corp. has introduced its SmartTotes2 line for portable waste tanks.

“Our unmatched RV sanitation expertise enables us to improve on what was already the industry’s leading tote,” said Barry Eckel, Thetford vice president of sales and marketing, The Americas. “The new innovations to SmartTote2 make the unpopular process of filling and emptying a tote quicker, cleaner and easier.”

According to a press release, SmartTotes2 LX models feature an AutoStop Level Gauge that prevents messy overfilling and the pre-installed PermaStore hose that makes filling and emptying more sanitary.

A new storage compartment protects the PermaStore hose, along with two fittings that are included with LX models – a hose cap and 90o elbow nozzle. The SmartTotes2 also features four rugged rubber wheels and a handle that hooks directly onto a trailer hitch. Front wheels are attached to the handle to provide maneuverability.

LX models have improved venting that speeds the emptying process and a large opening to make rinsing with a hose easy.

SmartTotes2 Standard 2-Wheel models also feature improved venting to speed emptying. A Tow Strap, 90o elbow nozzle and hose Cap are three new, optional accessories for Standard 2-Wheel models. All SmartTotes2 come completely assembled and ready to use right out of the box.

Both Deluxe 4-Wheel LX and Standard 2-Wheel models are available in 18-, 27- and 35-gallon sizes. (A 12-gallon, 2-Wheel SmartTote also remains available.)