In February, Thetford Corp. introduced Tank Blaster, a sanitation product that helps prevent RV black and gray holding tank buildup. Developed by Thetford’s industry-leading chemists, Tank Blaster uses the power of enzymes to clean tank walls and sensors, according to a press release.

To illustrate the new product’s effectiveness, Thetford has released a video with a side-by-side comparison of Tank Blaster, a competitor’s product and tap water. The video features Chemical Development Manager Paula Pacholke-Dumont, who explains the demo and how Tank Blaster works.

“This video can be a very effective tool to help retailers sell Tank Blaster, which has been very well received since its introduction,” said Mary Pouliot, Thetford’s vice president of sales and marketing, the Americas. “It will help to raise brand awareness, but it can also be used to educate RVers about the product and how it will help maintain their holding tanks.”

In addition to demonstrating Tank Blaster’s superior performance, the video provides viewers with a glimpse into the science used to create the product.

“The video also demonstrates the proprietary Micro-Foam action created by our chemical experts to make better contact with tank walls and provide more complete cleaning,” Pouliot said.

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