Thetford Corp.’s new Tank Blaster uses the power of enzymes to eliminate buildups that can create messy clogs or cause sensor malfunction in RV black and gray holding tanks.

“Tank Blaster’s enzymes use the waste in the holding tanks as food and they keep eating the waste, tissue, soap scum and grease until it’s gone,” said Barry Eckel, Thetford’s vice president of sales and marketing, in a press release.

Tank Blaster’s super-concentrated enzymatic blend was formulated in Thetford’s dedicated lab by industry-leading chemists. 

“Our chemical experts also created a proprietary Micro-Foam action that allows Tank Blaster to make better contact with tank walls and provide more complete cleaning,” Eckel said.

Tank Blaster, which has a light cherry scent, works overnight and in hard water – making it easy and convenient for almost all RV owners to use. It’s sold in a resealable pouch with four single-dose, tear-open pouches of nondusting granules to make it easy to use in black or gray water tanks.

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