Bish’s RV in Pocatello, Idaho, was victimized by thieves Sunday (Sept. 7) who got away with six flat-screen TVs and one stereo, representing a $3,000 loss for the company.
According to a report by TV station KIFI, Bish’s RV General Manager Ron Chriswall noted that at least the thieves were tidy. “No damage,” said Bish’s RV General Manager Ron Chriswall. “They were polite; they left the screws and saw dust behind.”
The incident mirrors a nationwide trend that surfaced last year as several burglaries at RV dealerships have strictly targeted high-end electronic equipment.
When Bish’s RV employees came to work Monday morning they found six of their RV trailer doors unlocked.
“We didn’t see any evidence of damage,” said Chriswall. “The police came out and looked. We couldn’t find any forced entry so all we could manage to think is someone had a key.”
He added, “That key is a generic one, Most locks across the country are able to be opened with that key, it’s a universal key.”
KIFI reported that every RV comes with two locks – a dead bolt and door lock. The dead bolt is unique to each trailer, but any RV key in the country can unlock the door.
“Obviously we’re going to take a look at things,” said Chriswall. “It may be that from here on out all of our TV’s go in and get locked up until we sell the unit. That happens in different places across the country.”
The $3,000 loss is significant for the company, but more than that it’s the loss of security that hurts.
Pocatello Police were able to lift some fingerprints from the crime scene and said the case is still under investigation.