Thor Industries Inc. Chairman Wade F.B. Thompson is continuing his effort to acquire control of Coachmen Industries Inc., despite the rejection of his buy-out proposal by Coachmen’s board.

In a document submitted to the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), Thompson revealed that Thor has distributed proxy cards to Coachmen shareholders, and he is asking Coachmen shareholders to use the cards to officially withhold their votes for nominees to Coachmen’s board.

The proxy cards are to be used for voting either prior or during Coachmen’s annual shareholders meeting next Thursday in Elkhart, Ind.

“We (Thor) believe that the executives of Coachmen are not acting in the best interests of Coachmen shareholders by failing to explore this merger,” Thompson wrote in the SEC document.

Shareholders withholding their votes for director nominees would “send a strong message to the Coachmen executives that you want them to negotiate a merger with Thor,” Thompson concluded.