An Elkhart County RV maker is looking to future of its workforce. WSBT reported that Thor Industries Inc. is visiting several schools aimed at fostering interest in careers in the RV industry.

The program was held at Northwood Middle School and included tours of completed RVs. It also included a miniature RV production line using Legos to help make a very small fifth-wheel travel trailer.

Some eighth graders took up different spots on the assembly line, some acted as parts suppliers, some as supervisors.

“It’s just a great opportunity for us to come to this school and do a Lego demonstration of building an actual fifth wheel Lego and showing them, you know, some of the process of teamwork and building this unit together,” said Annisa Blosser, Thor Industries.

Students also attended a presentation about what is involved in the industry and about the job possibilities in it.

“Whether its designing RVs, whether it’s doing home decor inside the RVs picking the different color items, to all the way to even marketing, sales. Just things they had no idea about before,” said Principal Bart Rice.

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