Executives at ThorCalifornia believe their operation in Moreno Valley, Calif., deserves some special attention for the success of the Jazz series of midsized fifth-wheels.
According to Statistical Surveys Inc., the Jazz was the top-selling fifth-wheel brand in the Nevada and Utah. Jazz sales were up 250% in Nevada and 136% in Utah when the first quarter of this year is compared with the same portion of 2003.
Jazz sales increased 154% in California, 160% in Arizona, 100% in New Mexico, 66.7% in Oregon and 42% in Washington during the three months ended March 31.
Nationwide, Jazz sales in the first quarter were up 61.8% while the fifth-wheel market as a whole grew by 24.2% compared to last year.
The Jazz’s aluminum-frames, laminated sidewalls with smooth fiberglass provide the Jazz with a durable and attractive exterior, as well as superior strength, help explain its growth in popularity in the retail market, according to the company.
Jazz fifth-wheels also include raised-panel cabinet doors, large tinted safety glass windows, a fiberglass front cap, air-conditioning, microwave oven, day/night shades, multidisc CD changer, residential-size queen bed, high output gas/electric heather with direct-spark ignition, extra larger water capacity and designer interiors.