Whether you were there for a little popup trailer or to check out those $600,000 motorcoaches, there was something for everyone at every age at the 32nd annual Fort Myers RV Show at the Lee Civic Center this weekend.

The North Fort Myers Neighbor reported that up to 15,000 people showed up over the four-day event, which saw great weather the first two days and a bit of a chill the last two. However, the crowds kept coming as 15 RV dealers and more than 100 vendors were there to sell the RV lifestyle.

Jack Carver, show manager for the event hosted by the Florida RV Trade Association-Region One, said the first two days were encouraging, especially on the attendance and sales side.

“There’s great interest from Baby Boomers and others who want to have outdoor adventures and we want to fill the need,” Carver said. “We have a lot of units here and it too a lot of time to put it together. I’m excited in how the turnout has been.”

Carver said it wasn’t just the Boomers coming out. Millennials were also coming to get a taste of their own adventures.

“The younger generations are living for the experience. RVing is an active lifestyle and a hands-on thing. You’re not being catered to but doing the work yourself,” Carver said. “They want to experience our nation and the outdoors. They may not be able to afford the luxury yachts, but they have the travel trailers.”

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