Tighter regulations for parking RVs on private property are under consideration by officials in Grand Terrace, Calif., a community located between Riverside and San Bernardino, Calif., according to the Press-Enterprise of Riverside.
The proposal in Grand Terrace would prohibit RV owners from parking their rigs within 10.5 feet of the curb or edge of the street in front of their homes.
Fines for violations would start at $25, and go up to $150 for repeat violators.
The restriction was approved by the Grand Terrace Planning Commission Thursday (Jan. 15), but the amended RV parking and storage ordinance will not have the force of law unless it is approved by the City Council.
Grand Terrace officials estimate 15% of city households own one or more RVs, boats or other types of trailers that they either keep at their homes or in commercial storage facilities.
The Planning Commission took up the RV parking issue because some Grand Terrace residents complain that large RVs parked on driveways near the street block motorists’ vision and create a safety hazard.
RV owners counter that parking restrictions that are too strict unfairly limit their rights as property owners.