The Tin Can Tourists (TCT), America’s oldest trailer and motorcoach club, is celebrating its 100th anniversary with events and rallies scheduled throughout the United States as well as official events hosted by TCT state representatives 2019.

As reported by the News Advocate, this historic club, once the domain of travelers in the early 1920s who drove Model T Fords and tented along the sides of America’s two-lane roads, represents the very beginnings of the nation’s $13 billion recreational vehicle industry.

To celebrate its 100th year, the TCT will hold rallies, caravans, and special events across America in many places where the club’s members historically traveled. The group, originally known for the distinctive TCT logo, has grown throughout the past century and now boasts over 2,000 club members and over 40,000 Facebook followers.

A Centennial Celebration Caravan has been organized to visit areas that were a part of TCT history in Michigan. TCT held summer reunions in Traverse City from 1921 to 1963. Many TCT members were also members of the Automobile Tourists Association and participated in events before the Summer Reunion at Orchard Beach State Park.

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