Tiny homes might be the rage on home improvement television right now, but regulations can be a hurdle when it comes to building small-size homes in Washington state, the owners of a Union Gap tiny home manufacturer said.

The Daily Record reported that Darin Tusler helped start Yakima Canyon Tiny Homes in December 2015. Since then the company has built three trailers, all under cost, for around $55,000 per house.

The tiny home trend came around in response to a desire to live simpler lives, Tusler said. The homes are around 200 to 400 square feet each. A lot of the people involved in the tiny house movement support environmentally friendly habits, but that isn’t what it’s about, he said.

Tusler said it hasn’t been easy to start a tiny house manufacturing business. There is a stigma against tiny houses from many local governments. The company has faced push back from counties classifying the homes as recreational vehicles and not permitting them for full-time occupancy, since they are built on trailers.

“It’s still too new and so you can call two days in a row and get two different answers (from counties),” he said.

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