The 2005 Trailer Life Campground RV Parks & Services Directory features a new campground ratings system to address the changing needs of RVers, representing the first major revision of the ratings system in 10 years.
“After extensive research, analysis and testing, we are certain we have developed a rating system that accurately reflects what the consumer today is seeking,” said Joe Daquino, Affinity Group Inc.’s Multimedia Division president and TL Directory publisher. “We encourage consumers to take a closer look at the detail we are providing on the campgrounds and RV parks. There are lots of hidden treasures.”
Over 300,000 rating changes are in the 2005 TL Directory, which was just released.
According to TL, the new system incorporates trends influenced by the influx of the Baby Boomer and includes larger rigs, more motorhomes, more Internet usage and other 21st century amenities at campgrounds and RV parks.
“This is an exciting time for the RV industry as we are seeing substantial increases in both RV ownership and rentals,” Daquino said. “The Baby Boomer generation is definitely making a difference in expectations at the campground and RV park.”
“In response to consumer demand, we performed market research with the help of campground owners and active RV customers to help us determine how the system could be adapted to meet today’s expectations. The result is an improved system that gives credit for things like phone line availability for Internet hookups, WiFi and the ability to accommodate bigger rigs. Refinements were also made in visual appeal to make it more objective and easier to understand.”
As more families with children join the traditional RV market of active retirees, the age of the average buyer has fallen to 49 from 51 three years ago. More and more enthusiasts have a college education and white-collar jobs, mirroring changes in the U.S. population overall.
To reflect these changes and needs of the consumers it serves, the TL Directory rating system added criteria to its current three-part rating system. The campgrounds are rated on a 1-to-10 scale for three attributes: facilities, restroom construction and cleanliness, and visual appeal.
“Lifestyles have been dramatically changed by technology, which impacts leisure activities for today’s traveler,” said Daquino. “RVers, their rigs and their needs have changed as well. We needed to serve this community by doing a comprehensive check of the places they might visit.”