Thor Motor Coach motorhomes reported strong response to its new products during this year’s consumer shows.

“Every show so far this year is getting positive feedback. Consumers are really enjoying the innovative product changes we are engineering into our gas-powered motorhomes,” said Joel Grimm, national sales manager for Class C and Class A gas motorhomes.

The new Axis and Vegas Recreational Utility Vehicle (RUV) Class A motorhomes have been “the talk of the show circuit,” according to a press release. Grimm said that the compact motorhomes continue to draw new people to the RV lifestyle, targeting the same market as large automobile-based SUVs.

The RUV eliminates all of the shortcomings of a traditional SUV by providing a self-contained environment including kitchen, dining, bathroom and sleeping facilities in a 25-foot package.  The Axis and Vegas also received the inaugural “RVBusiness 2014 RV of the Year” award, an event that was documented by “Rollin’ On TV.” Click here to view the video.

Other motorhomes that have had a major impact this show season include the Outlaw Toyhauler, now with a complete lineup of Class A and Class C motorhomes ranging from 29 to 38 feet, along with the Tuscany Class A motorhomes with all-new exteriors and interiors. For 2014, 40-foot Tuscany motorhomes now have all the high-end features found in the larger Tuscany tag axle models, including the Aqua-Hot hydronic furnace and water heating, ZF independent front suspension and custom tile floor inlays.

“The Tuscany and Tuscany XTE are dominant players in today’s diesel market,” noted Adam Gudger, national sales manager for Class A diesel motorhomes. “Combined with the sweeping success of the already best-selling Palazzo and we have the ultimate one-two-three punch. All of our motorhomes are built with input and direction from our dealers and the owners which have helped us gain significant market share increases.”

To find an upcoming show, visit http://blog.ThorMotorCoach.com/rv-shows/upcoming.